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Utah governor takes aim at wild horses & burros

If Utah Governor Gary Herbert (pictured at left) had his way, his state would clear the public lands of wild horses “to keep ranges open for cattle grazing.”

In public statements made last week, he proposed “aggressively” killing some mustangs and surgically sterilizing the rest! On Monday, AWHPC, our founding organization Return to Freedom, and our coalition partner The Cloud Foundation, dispatched a strongly-worded letter to Governor Herbert, reminding him that America’s wild horses and burros are protected by an act of Congress, and demanding that he stop exaggerating the number of wild horses  in Utah and scapegoating wild horses for environmental damage caused by livestock grazing. Please help us deliver a loud and clear message to Governor Herbert that these national icons — like the public lands themselves — belong to all Americans from all 50 states, not just the handful of ranchers who profit from grazing their livestock on public rangelands with subsidies paid by all American taxpayers.


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