About Our Hummers

Wild Horse Adventure Tour Hummer on the RoadOur 13-passenger, open-air Hummers start life as a Hummer H1. We then upgrade many of the mechanical components to the military spec equivalents, recondition the engine and drive-train, and extend the frame and body by two feet.

Our Hummer H1 vehicles have been customized with your safety in mind. All designs have been over-engineered to build the safest and most comfortable ride possible.

All seats are actual car seats -no boat-style bench seats or plastic bucket seats are used in our vehicles. Seats have seatbelts and restraint systems for child seats.

An additional upper windshield with a top made with a combination of fine mesh and clear plastic enables occupants a 360-degree view.

After customization, the Hummer is capable of seating 13 passengers with more leg room than any standard SUV. Individual seats that are 21 inches wide (no bench seats), in a stadium seating configuration, offer ultimate comfort and visibility for all.

For the Technical Nerd in You

Wild Horse Tour Hummer Specs