Tour with us to see the Outer Banks Wild Horses

What to Expect During Your Tour

Want to see wild ponies and discover some of the most unique sights the Outer Banks has to offer. With new, exclusive access to the Wild Horse Sanctuary, we take you through three distinct ecosystems in search of local wildlife and the Outer Banks Wild Spanish Mustangs.

Feel the ocean breeze and taste the salty beach air as you cruise through the Carova outback in our exclusive OPEN AIR Hummer tours. With more terrain, no two tours are ever the same; so, if you like history, ecology, adventure, and quick-witted comedy, we have you covered!

Our highly trained tour guides tell stories of legends, local lore, and ecology. The route takes you past the Whalehead Club and the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, commonly referred to as the Corolla Light. We will give you a brief overview of each and you can return at your leisure to tour them later. From there we hit the beach to cover almost 20 miles of pristine beaches to see sights you just won’t believe. We commonly see surfing dolphin and the occasional fox, deer, and boar.

The "Banker" horses roam free across the northern stretches of the Outer Banks. These legendary horses are a unique breed of horse due to their long history on the Outer Banks dating bank to the early 1500s. You will have the opportunity to see this amazing example of adaptation in their natural settings, on the beach, dunes and Maritime forests.

Feel free to bring drinks and snacks and most importantly- your camera.

All tours last a little over two hours and allow for great photo opportunities. The complimentary use of a pre-iced cooler is provided to keep your drinks icy cold!

Our 13 passenger open-air Hummer starts life as a Hummer H1, we then upgrade many of the mechanical components to the military spec equivalents, recondition the engine and drive-train and finally extend the frame and body by two feet. After customization, the Hummer is capable of seating 13 passengers with more leg room than any standard SUV. Individual seats that are 21 inches wide (no bench seats), in a stadium seating configuration, offer ultimate comfort and visibility for all.

Open-Air Tour in a Customized Hummer H1

Hummer Tours to see Wild Horses

Meet the Wild Horse Adventure Tours Family


Tommy Colorado’ Murphey:

Former tree feller and backcountry snowboarder, Tommy is a Colorado native and three year veteran of WHAT. His unbridled enthusiasm and love for the outdoors have earned him the nickname ‘Tommy Colorado’ among those who know him. Rugged, adventurous, and colorful, Tommy embodies every sense of his nickname like the state itself; traits that have made him a crowd favorite everywhere he goes.

Wiley Melton:

A local legend, Wiley resides on an island in the middle of the Currituck sound and commutes via boat to work (weather and good water permitting). Wiley grew up hunting, surfing, and cruising these very beaches long before the town of Corolla was even a thought and has been with the company from its point of inception. His lifetime wealth of knowledge and epic stories make him a character as salty as the Outer Banks themselves.

Lars Ericson:

Lars is a two year veteran of WHAT and Colorado local. Originally from Boston, Lars followed his dream of moving west and snowboarding powder after high school. As laid back as they come and wheelman in every sense of the word, the resorts employ Lars to drive their shuttles and transports in the most adverse conditions the high Rockies can offer up during the winter months; a skill which puts him right at home behind the wheel of the Hummers when it comes to searching for the mustangs in the rugged Carova Outback.

Peter Cole:

Peter is a Corolla local and three year veteran tour guide here at WHAT. Growing up in Virginia Beach and now living in Corolla year ‘round, Pete is about as tuned in to the area as you can get; anywhere from local happenings, lore, to off-road driving and wild horses, he’s got it all dialed. Phenomenal conversationalist and music conossuier, his innate ability to captivate and hold an audience makes him one of the most entertaining and accommodating tour guides in the game.

Will ‘Butch’ Cash:

Butch is a two year WHAT veteran and avid world traveler. Formerly a cartographer in the DC area, Butch hung up the daily commute last April and decided it was time to check out the world for himself. Recently he just finished a six month adventure through Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia and many other countries in the region of the world. His love for the outdoors, lone wolf confidence, and enthusiasm for adventure make his tours some of the most exciting times you can have in the Carova Outback.


Dave Barker:

A Ohio transplant now Outer Banks local, Dave is a five year veteran guide for WHAT. Dave’s love and knowledge of the horses is second to none as he spends much of his life in the Carova area hunting boar and beach combing for glass, teeth, and folgarite when not giving horse tours. His unique ability to find horses have led us to believe that he may have ‘horsey radar’.

Ben Grewal:

Ben is a first year guide at WHAT but is probably more experienced driving hummers than anyone. He recently returned from his deployment in Afghanistan where he drove Hummers in the Marines. His experiences while in action make him right at home while traversing the rugged Carova outback in search of horses; his quick witted humor makes for one of the most entertaining tours around.

‘Johnny Tsunami’ Dilworth:

Recently migrating back to the east coast from California, Johnny is a first year guide but is no rookie to the tour business. Before settling with us, Johnny had been doing wine tasting and zip line tours out west. A real charmer, his devilishly good looks and genuine positivity make him a real hit with the ladies and gentlemen alike. Ten seconds of conversation and you’ll be hooked.

Allan Scarborough:

A four year guide with WHAT, Allan is a long time local and retired OBX police officer. If there’s anything you would ever need to know about this stretch of sand we call home, your best bet is to ask Allan because he’s seen it all. As good a story teller you’ll ever meet, his laid back personality and vast abundance of knowledge creates an experience in itself outside of the horses.  

Bruce Wilkins:

There are no words to describe Bruce other than just stoked. Bruce has been doing horse tours and living the OBX “beach bum” lifestyle since before the place was a blip on the vacation radar. An avid scuba diver, Bruce’s idea of a good time is diving shipwrecks to swim with sharks (without a cage) or scooping up the boss and taking him for an impromptu skydive on a slow day. Bruce has also written several books of various genres based out of the OBX area that are a must read. Those lucky to come into contact with Bruce will not soon forget him, never a dull moment!

Richard Brown:

The man behind it all. Rich founded the company just 8 years ago shortly after moving to OBX from England. Constantly keeping his ear to the ground and staying one step ahead, he is the brains behind the Hummer design and Wild Horse Adventure Tours, revolutionizing the Corolla wild horse tour experience. He recently just opened his newest project, Beach Ready Auto, an auto shop that specializes in off-road customizations and servicing foreign makes. Truly a man of action and genuinely nice guy, his vibes are contagious and stoke can’t be rivaled which comes through in every aspect of the business.