Can a stallion named Gus save the Corolla Wild Horses from extinction?


Corolla, North Carolina (WTKR) – A young stallion named Gus just might be the key to saving the wild horses that roam the beaches of Corolla.

The genetically-diverse wild stallion from Cedar Island, some 250 miles away, was released into the Corolla herd on Thursday.

“He’s the offspring of some Shackelford horses who are the same breed as ours – Colonial Spanish Mustangs. They have far more maternal... read more

Appropriations budget says no horse slaughter funding allowed

January 16, 2014

The House of Representatives passed the bill funding the government for Fiscal Year 2014 on Wednesday including language banning the United States Department of Agriculture inspection funding for equine slaughterhouses reported

The bill will now move to the Senate where it is expected to pass and be signed into law by President Obama.

United States Senator Mary Landrieu (D-La.) added the language to the FY2014 Appropriations bill in June. Senator Landrieu stated:

"Slaughtering horses is inhumane, disgusting, and unnecessary, and there is no place for it in the United States." read more

Published January 8, 2014 | By Bret and Mary

The Controversy Behind the Outer Banks Wild Horses

When we first began planning our visit to the North Carolina coast, I had no idea that there was any controversy about the Outer Banks wild horses. But when I received the following email from a manager of two National Wildlife Refuges in the area after inquiring about visiting, my curiosity was piqued:

“I try to stay far away from the wild horse issue. On a refuge purchased and managed for migratory birds (Currituck), any horses, cows, or other critters that compete with these birds for food are a problem. But the ‘Corolla wild horses’ are a huge political issue right now.  So you’re on your own with that one…”

This was the same U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service employee who had suggested in a previous email that I should make time for a chat with one of their biologists in order to gain the FWS perspective on the “wild horses,” and acknowledged that there was a major focus on the issue of horse use on Currituck at the time.

So why was she unwilling to discuss the issue, other than to describe the Outer Banks wild horses as “a problem”? read more

Mare on the dune with American flag 11x14 72dpi

The Department of the Interior, in the form of United States Fish and Wildlife Service, is determined to zero out every wild horse and burro on the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada. They define America’s wild horses as a feral, invasive species – a pest animal. Listed with feral pigs, nutria, phragmites and Burmese pythons. And what do they do to invasive species? They eradicate them.

What does that have to do with the wild horses living north of Corolla? read more

Corolla Wild Horse Bill Gets House Nod

By Pat Raia JUN 05, 2013 - The Horse
TOPICS: Wild & Feral Horses

On June 3, the full U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass legislation that would help protect a herd of wild horses residing on North Carolina's Outer Banks. But the executive director of the organization that manages the herd says the battle to ensure the horses' future is only half won.

More than 100 feral horses in the so-called Corolla herd reside on the Carrituck Outer Banks; 70% of those reside on lands owned by private individuals and corporations while the remainder resides on a 7,500-acre sanctuary in the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge. The nonprofit Corolla Wild Horse Fund (CWHF) manages the animals while the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages the refuge. Under an existing agreement between the Interior Department, the state of North Carolina, Currituck County, and the CWHF, the maximum number of horses allowed in the herd is 60. read more

Horses running on the beachThis has been a devastating year for the American wild horse. In the west, as if the cruel helicopter roundups, confinement of nearly forty seven thousand wild horses in government holding pens, and their sale to kill buyers for slaughter in Canada and Mexico is not horrific enough, other insidious ways to rid the land of wild horses and the advocates trying to save them are beginning to surface. read more

Dear Supporters of the Corolla Wild Horses:

The North Carolina State Horse urgently needs your help. The Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act, S 3448, sponsored by North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan and cosponsored by NC Senator Richard Burr, has been sitting in the United States Senate Environment and Public Works Committee since March of this year. It was passed unanimously by the US House of Representatives on February 6. This bill is absolutely critical to the long term survival of the free-roaming wild horses living north of Corolla. read more

Help keep the horses of the Outer Banks WILD AND FREE