OBX Jeep Rentals

Outer Banks Jeep Rentals - Corolla

Drive a Jeep on the 4X4 off-road beaches of the Outer Banks. Rick's Jeep Adventures is the only Jeep rental company in the Outer Banks that allows you to customize your Jeep the way you like. These options include the choice to put the top down, take the doors off, avoid direct sunlight with a mesh SPF50 Bikini Top and complimentary use of a pre-iced cooler is provided to keep your drinks icy cold!

All tours last a little over two hours and allow for great photo opportunities. You will have access to our highly trained tour guides if you should have any questions.

5 Passenger JK Jeep Wrangler - Beach optimized

Outer Banks Jeep Rentals

In 2007 Jeep introduced the 5 Passenger Jeep Wrangler. The "Wrangler Unlimited" is the first and only Jeep Wrangler to seat 5. All our Jeeps have been customized for beach driving with a 4-5 inch AEV lift kit, off-set extra wide alloy wheels with 35 inch Kevlar sidewalled tires and upgraded suspension and shocks. This combination provides excellent ride comfort on the beach with the ground clearance and durability needed. Our Jeeps are set up so you can relax and enjoy your ride without the worry of getting stuck on the beach.

Complimentary use of a pre-iced cooler is provided to keep your drinks icy cold!

100% money back guarantee. We find the Wild Horses or your tour is on us!