Adoption Program

In 1995, Secretary Betty McCain of the Department of Cultural Resources issued the following Proclamation: “The Corolla Wild Horses are one of North Carolina’s most significant historic and cultural resources of the coastal area.”      

Would you like to own a piece of history?

In compliance with the Currituck Wild Horse Management Plan, one of the ways the Corolla Wild Horse Fund manages the herd size is to make horses available for adoption.  We appreciate your interest in adopting one of the Colonial Spanish Mustangs of the Outer Banks.

Generally, yearling or younger fillies and gelded colts are available. Younger animals have a much easier time transitioning to a domestic lifestyle and the gene pool is less affected by their removal.  Stallions are available on a case by case by basis.

All horses are tested for EIA, vaccinated, wormed, halter broken, and qualify for registration with the Horse of the Americas’ Registry as Coloni-al Spanish Mustangs.


Adoption Requirements, Application, & Agreement

Please read the requirements and application very carefully before completing (click here).  A $100 deposit is required with the application and an additional $515 is due upon approval. Please note: The Corolla Wild Horse Fund, Inc., evaluates applications in the order in which they are received.

Offsite Breeding Programs

The Colonial Spanish Mustang is on the threatened breeds list of the American Livestock Breed Conservancy, with less than 5,000 horses globally.

Help keep the horses of the Outer Banks WILD AND FREE